Optimize your young adult life in our Portland community!

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Portland is vibrant!  The very verve of The Portland House is the vibrancy we achieve in our work with you.  We collaborate with you and create the energy necessary to meet the demands of the 2020’s workplace. Come and engage with the culture of Portland, integrate your work and study with Portland’s entrepreneurism, music, food, health and wellness offerings and beautiful accessible natural spaces—rivers, mountains, and nearby Pacific ocean.

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It’s YOUR PROGRAM. We engineer the design to accomplish your goals, and we don’t stop there: we coach, create, research, write, walk, drive, study, confirm, teach, WITH YOU. We know what Executive Functioning is—it gets done, and you feel the momentum.

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Innovation in learning, in finding careers, in hitting the re-start button for your life, your business, your personal relationships.  Having the RIGHT people to guide you.  

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Motivation comes from feeling connected to community, connected to your work and learning. Your team and community help you replenish your energy and motivation daily.  Feed and nurture your engine! 


The Portland House clinical case management team evaluates, organizes and partners with you to maintain your mental health goals and practices. 

The greatest challenge in transitioning from more therapeutic environments, or coming from sub-optimal environments of low motivation and accomplishment (lonely apartments, relationships of dependency) is how to MANAGE a vibrant life while fitting all the elements and appointments you need.  

Social and enrichment events CAN happen with energy instead of the fatigue of depression and anxiety.  If 75% of adults age 20-30 in the US are reporting depression and anxiety, then you too may need what a co-operative clinical coaching approach offers.

Balance the stress of normal adult productive life WITH GOOD STRESS MANAGEMENT with The Portland House team, pursue Portland’s abundant yoga, meditation, mindfulness, movement, exceptional farm to table nutrition, sleep research that works, and productive budgeting. 

We are an ideal community from which you will receive and from which you will take—taking on your optimized life!

To learn more about our program and if it's right for you, contact us today!

"Sarah has been deeply involved with our young adult daughter and our family at various times over the last eight years. At every point, Sarah has curated a team approach to supporting our daughter through her various significant emotional and lifestyle challenges. We have relied on Sarah to guide us at every step of the way - as she is very experience, wise, kind, knowledgable, and resourceful. Most recently, the Portland House provides our daughter win a unique community of young adults and social supports that simply can't be replicated elsewhere. The Portland House program is augmented by a wide variety of other professionals and supports that are utilized as needed. The result has been, that with the support of Sarah and the Portland House, our daughter is maturing into a warm, competent, and grateful young adult - something we could only imagine in the past. We are forever grateful and indebted to Sarah and consider her a member of our family!"
—A’s Parents
“As a parent I see a huge value in Portland House as an oasis for young adults who need some emotional support, others around them who care and a structure to help them work on themselves. It’s such a relief knowing I have help on the never ending road of parenthood, especially when they are so far away. Thank you Sarah and the Portland House team.”
-G, Dad of 24 year old