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We are a culture of community, engineering your future with you.

Optimize your young adult life in Portland!

Portland is home to opportunities in vocational, paraprofessional, and traditional education, with resources from private liberal arts colleges to specialty certifications resulting in defined career tracks.  Portland, like any growing Northwest city, offers the known state colleges and private four year colleges, and boasts learning spaces nationally known:  institutions well loved such as University of Western States (the oldest chiropractic college in the world), East West College of the Healing Arts (massage school), Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, and of course the Portland quirky aerial arts campuses!  Here in “River City” we have a notable emphasis on pursuit of interesting yet practical studies—Portland’s signature.

All change is best experienced with trusting relationships, followed by worthwhile achievement.

The experienced and committed staff and faculty of this campus are in roles of teacher, mentor, coach, counselor, friend, inspirer, motivator, guide, and at times housemate.   We offer wrap-around support to strengthen your purpose and success. The Portland House enrolls by semesters, and yours can start any time; most expect to stay several semesters, as change comes in stages and must be practiced until competency is achieved.
The clinical coaching of The Portland House has roots in positive psychology and is our core concept.  Our team of coaches, full time and in mentor roles, use both their relational skills and their understanding of learning and mental health needs to motivate and engage our clients in a life of greater productivity and happiness.  Each team member receives continual training, both in program and professionally, and each client is case-reviewed by the coaching and clinical team many times per week. 

Meet Our Team

Sarah Persha, MA

Educational and Mental Health Consultant
Founder & Executive Director
Family Systems Therapist & Learning Specialist

Sarah Persha has collaboratively created and served as advisor to many young adult programs for almost 2 decades, and has worked in residential support campuses since 1988.  As a mental health specialist (Family Systems Therapist) and learning specialist, Sarah believes that learning optimally, feeling effective, and building competency takes both client and team, whether endeavoring experiential learning or discovering a path in traditional universities.  Both leader and teacher, Sarah continually affects change with students and families, clients and programs, by teaching one to one, or creating community spaces for leadership and membership practice.  Many professionals in the Young Adult program field have participated in training in Portland with Sarah.  As well, she has membership and continual learning with many organizations:  IECA, NATSAP, GYA, HECA, CPW, USPC, OPA, AFCC, ASA, and more, both national and international.


Brandy Pruett

Lead Coach & Assistant Manager

Brandy’s years of training in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and her executive functioning skills bring a steady pace of accomplishment to all at The Portland House.  Her experience with neuro-diverse clients and attention to research in ASD provides unique young adult support at The Portland House.  A native of Portland, Brandy makes connections for our clients with some of the most nouveaux niche jobs and social venues.


Corey Connare

Lead Coach & Activities Director

With a BS in psychology from Kent State and seven years in behavioral health and outdoor programming, Corey leads by example in health and wellness, with continuous outdoor pursuits as well as quirky and fun city activities.  Corey has a proven track record with young adults in the challenge of pursuing education and work and accumulating savings! His budget spreadsheets are legend.  Corey leads the quarterly adventure trips for our clients as well as Saturday excursion curriculum.

Professional Partners

Our programming includes weekly rotating classes with staff and part-time mentors including: Mindfulness,  Optimal Health Nutrition, Fiscal Futures, Sex and Love Around Portland, Does Passion Make Profit, From BBQ to Brunch, and more.

Business Young Adults

Health & Wellness:

Dr. Emily Haygeman and Dr. Tracine Smoot, Psychological Solutions, https://www.psychologicalsolutions.org, exceptional psychological testing for young adults
Jennifer Dodd, LCSW, https://jdoddtherapy.com
David Ebaugh, LCSW, licensed therapist utilizing ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy), http://www.traumafocusedtherapy.com 
Aaron Allen, LMT, specialist in integrated body work supporting our holistic health model, brings exceptional expertise to our clients, https://www.portlandheadachemassage.com 
Dr. Kirana Kefalos, MD, integrates whole person approach that compliments the philosophy of The Portland House, https://www.drkefalos.com
Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, https://guildoforegonwoodworkers.org
Portland Community College, Cascades Campus, https://www.pcc.edu/locations/cascade/
Portland State University, https://www.pdx.edu 

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